Choose Your Off-grid Appliances

Select the 12V and 230V off-grid appliances you plan to use in your campervan. We'll use this information to provide accurate off-grid times as you build your system.

12V Appliances

LED Lights (4W)

LED Strip Light (6W)

USB Sockets (18W)

50L Fridge (60W)

Roof Fan (30W)

Water Pump (15W)

Diesel / Gas Heater (30W)

Truma Combi Boiler (24W)

Wifi Dongle (2W)

Portable Speaker (10W)

12V Projector (10W)

12V TV (40W)

230V Appliances

Laptop Charger (80W)

Microwave (900W)

Hair Straighteners (150W)

Hair Dryer (1200W)

Toaster (800W)

Playstation / Xbox (200W)

Induction Hob (1800W)

230V Projector (45W)

230V TV (55W)

Coffee Machine (1500W)

E-bike (150W)

Low Wattage Kettle (900W)

Blender (500W)

Handheld Games Console (20W)